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This photobook contains 44 pages with 39 images. There is a amazing introduction written by a former journalist for Time Magazine who also lost his house in the fires. There is also an afterword written by Russell Hyzen one of the co-founders of is a non-profit created to help the victims of the October 2017 Sonoma County Wildfires. captures the ravages the wildfires left indelibly etched into the body and soul of vehicles. Russell Hyzen and professional photographer, Scott Maddern, repeatedly traveled to the burned areas of Santa Rosa and the surrounding Sonoma County between November 2017 and January 2018 to photograph the vehicles that remained among the ashes. Our project was featured in the San Francisco Chroniclein August 2018 as well as being the subject of a radio interview and associated article on KQED. The Peninsula Museum of Art also exhibited our photos during the summer of 2018.

 We remember when it felt like all of Northern California was chipping in to help while we could still smell smoke in the air. However, as with most disasters, early donations mainly provide immediate relief. Only a small percentage of donations end up going to the mid- and long-term recovery and rebuilding of the community, which often takes up to 10 years, long after the media attention has shifted away. We have chosen the Sonoma County Resilience Fund as the beneficiary of our fundraising efforts. The Resilience Fund is the only fund specifically designed to address the community’s mid- to long-term recovery needs, and is collecting and distributing funds until 2022Please purchase this amazing photobook to help the people, families and the community of Sonoma County heal and rebuild.