Although Russell moved to the Oakland Hills many years after the 1991 fire that devastated the area he has become part the great community there over the past 16 years. Many of the neighbors and friends he has made in this community lost their homes in that fire and their stories contributed greatly to his desire to help the victims of the October 2017 Northern California fires. In addition to this connection Russell also lived in Glen Ellen where many of his former neighbors recently lost their homes in the fire along with a very close friend who lost his home in Sonoma. All of these common threads led to Russell wanting to help. 

Russell grew up and attended university in Los Angeles and spent the first eight years of his career in the real estate industry. In late 1995 he moved to the San Francisco Bay area and got involved in the early part of the commercialization of the Internet. Good fortune in his career and investments has allowed Russell the time and freedom to take on this effort to help the victims of the October 2017 Northern California wildfires.



Scott is a California native who grew up in Monterey and San Jose.  His creativity emerged at an early age with music.  As a percussionist, he played in High School State Honor bands as well as Drum Corps.  He then turned to Reggae drumming and began recording music and touring with bands Inka Inka, Dub Nation and Dub FX.   He also backed many top Reggae artists including Judy Mowatt, Sister Carol, and Yami Bolo.

After the birth of his son in 2009, Scott picked up his first DSLR camera and quickly fell in love with the art form while photographing his own children.  He then moved on to shoot portraits and headshots, as well as landscape photography.

As his skills grew and word began to spread, he eventually was hired to shoot product and lifestyle photography for bicycle company Public Bikes, where he was able to develop a strong set of studio lighting techniques.  

After this experience, Scott decided to pursue photography full time and bring his knowledge of both natural and studio lighting to fine art landscape, wedding, event and portrait photography.  He resides in Walnut Creek with his wife and two children.